The Uber for Doctors - an MVP

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Sep 17, 2023

The problem

Getting medical care outside of clinics was hard. Quickmed wanted an app that lets patients ask for doctors at their home and coordinates everything in real time.

Our solution

Services: UX/UI Design, Software Development, API integrations

We worked closely with Quickmed to design an app that makes getting medical care easy and convenient, just like Uber. We built the app using Bubble and it took us 4 weeks.

Key functionalities

• GPS search for closest Doctors (like Uber)

• Scheduling

• Profile reviews

• Agenda


• Google maps

• Twilio


This MVP successfully brought doctors and patients on board to gather initial information and iteratively improve the app.

I asked them to build the MVP in a very short time because I needed to validate in a specific time. They took the challenge and delivered it.

Jacob Glanz - Founder

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