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Level Company

Sep 17, 2023

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The problem

The challenge was to create a platform to help clients grow their businesses through relationship-based sales strategies. Level Company identified a difficulty for people to outreach decision makers inside big corporations for new business opportunities, including:

  • Access to targeted prospects aligned with growth objectives.
  • Efficient identification of promising business opportunities.
  • Engage in collaborative discussions to refine value propositions.
  • Improve introduction success with Advisor-guided messaging.
  • Incentivizing Advisors for successful introductions and fostering mutually beneficial partnerships.

Our solution

Services: UX/UI Design, Software Development, API integrations

Our solution included an easy-to-use platform with intuitive search capabilities, advanced filtering options, and personalized matching algorithms. In addition, we implemented a messaging system for secure communication and a dashboard for users to track their progress and matching potential connections.

We developed a dashboard that provided a quick overview of a user's account and activity, as well as an algorithm that allowed users to find potential businesses to pitch based on database intelligence.The platform also included a customer relationship management (CRM) system to help users manage their contacts and interactions. Introductions and deal pipelines were also implemented to help facilitate successful pitches and business deals.

Key functionalities

• Messaging


• Deal pipelines

• KPI dashboards

• A.I powered matching


• Hubspot

• Slack

• Twilio

• Sendgrid

• People data labs


• 1000+ ongoing engagements
• 70% reduction of clients sales cycles
• 1700+ enterprise connections
• Coca-Cola, Boing, Nokia and other corporations onboarded
• US$10 million raised

Vistapub's technical expertise and ability to think creatively made them stand out from other development agencies. The team demonstrates exceptional project management and communication skills. Their ability to stay on top of the workflow is truly impressive.

Justin Hume - Level Company VP of Product

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