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Sep 17, 2023

The problem

Identifying an industry that still operates with outdated system, our challenge alongside Puebla was to develop an application that facilitated the communications, negotiations and traceability between stakeholders in the supply chain.

Our solution

Services: Software Development, API integrations

We crafted a mobile app that combined the ease of WhatsApp with a built-in negotiation feature, PDF contract generators, signature system, all while maintaining the highest standards of data storage and security that this industry request. Use used Bubble to bring the project to life and had a significant amount of API's for an MVP.

Key functionalities

• Chat

• Bidding system

• Multi-file management

• PDF Generator

• Native signature 

• Invitation system

• Team roles

• Unit and currency conversions

• A.I powered insights


• Whatsapp

• Sendgrid

• Commodities API

• Open AI


100% early-adopters conversion
• Techstars funded

Techstars is the largest pre-seed investor in the world

The software that Vistapub has created has helped us advance our conversations with our customers, which is the most important part of the partnership. The platform has also helped us test our most important ideas, reach our company's milestones, and demonstrate that we can build a product and iterate quickly. In addition, they quickly take care of bugs whenever they arise. Customer service is one of their biggest strengths.

Hunter Craft - Founder & CEO

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