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União Fazendas

Sep 17, 2023

Our Role

We developed a customized solution that allowed vendors to create their own listings and highlight unique features, such as water rights, mineral rights, hunting leases, or agricultural production. Our UX/UI design made it simple and intuitive for users to browse listings and contact vendors. The end result was a thriving marketplace that provided a new level of transparency and efficiency to the Rural Estate industry.

We implemented features such as search, maps, intuitive onboarding and advanced filtering to specifically cater to the agriculture industry. Our team ensured that vendors had the ability to define specific features that make a Rural Estate valuable.

Our sales process was manual and inefficient, the app Vistapub created for us was simple, quick and solved our customers problem which was match potential buyers and sellers.

Anderson Serodio - Owner of União Fazendas


União Fazendas was awarded 'app of the day' in the official website, the world largest no-code platform

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