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Sep 17, 2023

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The problem

The client found a significant need for a comprehensive platform that could simplify teacher development, offer remote observation capabilities, and guide educators through the complex process of licensure. Educators required a unified tool to enhance their skills, bridge diversity gaps, and ultimately elevate student outcomes.

Our solution

Services: UX/UI Design, Software Development, API integrations

We created a user-centric platform that addresses the diverse needs of educators with no-code technology to offer remote observation, personalized feedback, and efficient licensure guidance

Utilizing Bubble as the foundational tech stack, we integrated key APIs including Twilio for seamless communication, Embedly for media embedding, Wistia for video hosting, ScormCloud for e-learning content, and Pexels for high-quality images.

Key functionalities

• Smart progress tracking

• Graphic KPIs

• Certifications

• Multimedia directory

• Video-hosting

• Messaging


• Twilio

• Embedly

• Wistia

• ScormCloud

• Pexels


• 700+ registered teachers
• US$1.5 million raised

Thanks to Vistapub’s efforts, we saw a significant increase in paid users on our platform. They were able to hit our deadline and were extremely personable; we really enjoyed our calls with them.

Josh Thelemann - Founder & CEO

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